Zverstvá v Evrópe

Two years after the split release of Besna and Abyss, the two bands come together again to set out on the Zverstvá v Evrópe tour. Although both bands differ in their style, they coincide in performances carried by emotions and intensity.


Besna is a post-black metal band from Bratislava, Slovakia, founded in 2017. Their music has a modern metal sound with post-rock and black metal influences, combined with a progressive touch. Besides their characteristic melancholic melodies combined with powerful, angry screams, influences of old Slovak folk music can be found in touching clean parts sung in their native language. This makes their music a unique, stirring journey through emotions. With Zverstvá (Slovak for atrocities), the band released their debut full-length album in March 2022, which they are now eager to present on stages across Europe.


Abyss is a melodic black metal band formed in 2009 in the Munich area. Inspired by Swedish melodic black/death metal bands of the early nineties, their music is characterized by the alternation of intricate instrumental passages with partly melodic, partly raw riffing. Through their uniquely varied song structures, the band forms picturesque melodic arcs that resonate in the listener as emotions full of gloom and despair. On the Zverstvá v Evrópe tour, the band presents a first glimpse of unreleased material that will be featured on their upcoming album.


Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Beginn:  20:00 Uhr 

Eintritt: €5